MIDI Channel Setting

Setting a track to MIDI channel Any causes each MIDI event to play back on its original MIDI channel, rather than a channel set for the whole track.

There are two main situations when Any channel tracks are useful:

  • When you record several MIDI channels at the same time.

    You may for example have a MIDI keyboard with several keyboard zones, where each zone sends MIDI on a separate channel. Setting the channel to Any allows you to play back the recording with different sounds for each zone (since the different MIDI notes play back on separate MIDI channels).

  • When you have imported a MIDI file of Type 0.

    MIDI files of Type 0 contain only one track, with notes on up to 16 different MIDI channels. If you were to set this track to a specific MIDI channel, all notes in the MIDI file would be played back with the same sound. Setting the track to Any causes the imported file to play back as intended.