Working with the In-Place Editor

  • To zoom or scroll the In-Place Editor, point at the left part of the piano keyboard display so that the pointer changes to a hand. Then drag to the right or left to zoom in or out vertically, and drag up or down to scroll the editor.

  • To add or remove controller lanes, right-click below the controller name field and select an option from the context menu.

  • To close the In-Place Editor for one track, click Edit In-Place in the track list or double-click below the controller display in the In-Place Editor.

  • To open/close the In-Place Editor for one or several selected tracks, use the Edit In-Place key command.

  • You can drag notes from one In-Place Editor to another.


The Snap button and Snap Type pop-up menu on the Project window toolbar control snapping in the In-Place Editor, but the snap grid is set using the Quantize pop-up menu.