Cubase Pro only: Multiple Marker Tracks

You can create up to 10 marker tracks.

Naming Marker Tracks

By default, the first marker track you create is called Markers, the second Marker 01, and so on.

You can name marker tracks by double-clicking on the marker track name in the track list or the Inspector and entering a new name.

The Active Marker Track

When you are working with multiple marker tracks, only one track is active. All editing functions affect the markers on the active track only. You activate a track by clicking Activate this track in the track list.

The following rules apply:

  • When you add a new marker track, this track is automatically active.

  • When you remove an active track, the topmost marker track in the track list is activated. When using cycle markers for zooming, only the cycle markers of the active track are displayed on the Zoom pop-up menu.

  • When exporting an audio mixdown of the audio between the cycle markers, only the cycle markers of the active track are displayed in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog.

  • Most marker key commands affect the active track.

Locking Marker Tracks

You can lock one or more marker tracks by clicking the corresponding lock button of the track. When a marker track is locked, you cannot edit the track and its markers. However, you can still rename the track or change its status (active/inactive). In the Markers window and the Project Browser, the unavailable features of a locked track are grayed out.