Adding New Plug-in Collections

You can add new collections of VST effects or VST instruments.


A number of effect plug-ins is installed on your computer, and these plug-ins are listed in the VST Plug-in Manager on the VST Effects tab and the VST Instruments tab.


  1. In the VST Plug-in Manager toolbar, click New Collection, and select an option.
  2. In the New Collection dialog, enter a name for the new collection and click OK.
  3. Optional: Click New Folder.

    You can then move your plug-ins into these folders to organize them by categories, for example.

  4. Enter a name for the new folder and click OK.
  5. On the VST Effects tab or the VST Instruments tab, select the plug-ins that you want to add to the collection, and drag them in the new collection.

    If you created folders, you can drag the plug-ins directly into folders.


The new collection is saved. If you select it, its plug-ins are shown in the plug-in selectors.

After Completing This Task

To remove a plug-in from a collection, select it and click Remove.