Importing ReCycle Files

You can import REX and REX 2 audio files created by ReCycle from Propellerhead Software. ReCycle slices a loop and creates separate samples of each beat, so that you can tempo match and edit a loop as if it was built of individual sounds.


REX Shared Library is installed on your system.


  1. Select an audio track and move the project cursor to where you want the imported file to start.

    If you set the audio track to musical time base you can change the tempo later on and the imported REX file automatically adjusts.

  2. Select File > Import > Audio File.
  3. In the file dialog, open the file type pop-up menu and select REX File or REX 2 File.
  4. Select the file you want to import, and click Open.


The file is imported and automatically adjusted to the current Cubase tempo.

The imported REX file consists of several events, one for each slice in the loop. The events are automatically placed in an audio part on the selected track and positioned so that the original internal timing of the loop is preserved.

After Completing This Task

Open the part in the Audio Part Editor to edit each slice separately by muting, moving, and resizing events, adding effects and processing, for example.

You can also adjust the tempo and have the REX file automatically follow, provided that its track is set to a musical time base.


You can achieve similar results by using Cubase’s own loop slicing features.