Formant Shifting

Formants are the harmonic frequencies that occur in the human voice. They define the timbre and alter the perception of how a vocal has been performed (more from the diaphragm than from the throat, for example). Formant shifting does not affect the pitch or timing of a segment.


The audio file is segmented and the segments are correct. You have opened the audio in the Sample Editor and activated Edit VariAudio in the VariAudio section.


  1. Select one or several segments.
  2. In the VariAudio section of the Inspector, move the Shift Formant slider to the left or to the right.

    You can set positive and negative percentages. 0 leaves the original unaffected.


    If Smart Controls is set to All, you can also shift the formant by dragging the smart control in the lower left corner of the segment upwards or downwards.


The Solo algorithm is selected automatically, and the formant is shifted.