VST - Plug-ins

Warn before Removing Modified Effects

Shows a warning if you remove an effect plug-in for which you have made parameter changes.

Open Effect Editor after Loading It

Opens the effect control panel when you load VST effects or VST instruments.

Create MIDI Track when Loading VSTi

Allows you to determine if a MIDI track is created when you add a rack instrument.

  • Always

    A MIDI track is always created.

  • Do not

    No MIDI track is created.

  • Always ask to

    You are asked whether a corresponding MIDI track should be created.

Synchronize Plug-in Program Selection to Track Selection

Synchronizes track and plug-in program selection if you route multiple MIDI tracks to multitimbral instruments.

Suspend VST 3 plug-in processing when no audio signals are received

Suspends VST plug-in processing in passages where no audio is passing through the plug-in. This can improve system performance noticeably.


We recommend to leave this option deactivated.

Plug-in Editors “Always on Top”

Always shows the control panels for effect plug-ins and VST instruments on top of other windows.