This plug-in is a pattern-controlled multimode filter that can create rhythmic, pulsating filter effects.


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General Operation

StepFilter can produce two simultaneous 16-step patterns for the filter cutoff and resonance parameters, synchronized to the sequencer tempo.

The horizontal axis shows the pattern steps 1 to 16 from left to right, and the vertical axis determines the (relative) filter cutoff frequency and resonance settings. The higher up on the vertical axis a step value is entered, the higher the relative filter cutoff frequency or filter resonance setting.

By starting playback and editing the patterns for the cutoff and resonance parameters, you can hear how your filter patterns affect the sound source connected to StepFilter.

Setting Step Values

  • To enter a step, click in the pattern grid windows.

  • Individual step entries can be dragged up or down the vertical axis, or directly set by clicking in an empty grid box. By click-dragging left or right, consecutive step entries are set at the pointer position.

  • Change the value for a step by dragging it up or down.

  • Draw in a curve by clicking and dragging in the display.

Selecting New Patterns

  • Patterns are saved with the project, and up to 8 different cutoff and resonance patterns can be saved internally. Both the cutoff and resonance settings are saved together in the 8 pattern slots.

  • Use the Pattern Select knob below the Resonance grid to select a new pattern. New patterns are all set to the same step value by default.

StepFilter Parameters

Base Cutoff

Sets the base filter cutoff frequency. Values set in the Cutoff grid are relative to the Base Cutoff value.

Base Resonance

Sets the base filter resonance. Values set in the Resonance grid are relative to the Base Resonance value.


Very high Base Resonance settings can produce loud ringing effects at certain frequencies.


Applies glide between the pattern steps, causing values to change more smoothly.

Filter mode

Use this slider to select a filter mode: low-pass, band-pass, or high-pass (from left to right).


If the Sync button to the right of the Sync pop-up menu is activated (yellow), the pattern playback is synchronized to the project tempo.

Use the pop-up menu to set the pattern beat resolution, that is, the note values the pattern plays in relation to the tempo (1/1 to 1/32, straight, triplet, or dotted).


Sets the output level.


Sets the level balance between the dry signal and the wet signal.