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The synthesis is based around a spectrum filter. This allows you to specify the frequency response by drawing a filter contour in the spectrum display. Slightly simplified, the signal path is the following:

  • The starting point is the sound generated by up to 6 oscillators.

    You can choose between different numbers of oscillators in different configurations (in octaves, in unison, etc.). The oscillators can also be detuned for fat sounds or extreme special effects.

  • Each oscillator produces two basic waveforms, labeled A and B.

    You can choose between six different waveforms, independently selected for A and B.

  • The two waveforms pass through separate spectrum filters (A and B).

    You can draw different spectrum contours for the two filters, or select a contour from the included presets.

  • The Cut 1 & 2 parameters allow you to shift the frequency range of the spectrum filter.

    This makes it easy to create unique-sounding filter sweeps.

  • A Morph control lets you mix the output of spectrum filters A and B.

    Since this can be controlled with envelopes, LFOs, etc. That allows you to create morphing effects.

  • Controllers and modulation parameters are also available.