This effect allows you to apply quantizing in realtime. This makes it easier to try out different settings when creating grooves and rhythms.


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Quantizing is a function that changes the timing of notes by moving them towards a quantize grid. For example, this grid may consist of straight sixteenth notes, in which case the notes all get perfect sixteenth note timing.


The main Quantize function in your Steinberg DAW is described in the Operation Manual.

Quantize Note

Sets the note value on which the quantize grid is based. Straight notes, triplets. and dotted notes are available. For example, 16 means straight sixteenth notes and 8T means eighth note triplets.


Allows you to offset every second position in the grid, creating a swing or shuffle feel. The value is a percentage – the higher you set this, the farther to the right every even grid position is moved.


Determines how close the notes should be moved to the quantize grid. If this is set to 100 %, all notes are forced to the closest grid position. Lowering the setting gradually loosens the timing.


Sets the delay time in milliseconds. This delay can be automated.

Realtime quantize

During live mode, this option can be used to change the timing of the notes that are played so that they fit the quantize grid.