MIDI Monitor

This effect monitors incoming MIDI events.


Cubase LE

Cubase AI

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You can choose whether to analyze live or playback events and which types of MIDI data are to be monitored. Use this, for example, to analyze which MIDI events are generated by a MIDI track, or to find suspicious events, such as notes with velocity 0 that certain MIDI devices might fail to interpreted as note-off events.

Inputs Section

In this section, you can choose whether to monitor live events or playback events.

Show Section

Here, you can activate/deactivate the different types of MIDI events. If you choose Controller, you can also define which type of controller to monitor.

Data Table

In the table in the lower section of the window, you see detailed information about the monitored MIDI events.

Buffer Pop-up Menu

This is the maximum number of events that is kept in the list of monitored events. Once this list is full, the oldest entries are deleted when new events are received.


The larger the buffer, the more processing resources are required.


Allows you to export the monitoring data as a simple text file.

Record Events

This button to the left of the Inputs section allows you to start or stop the monitoring of MIDI events.

Clear List

This button to the left of the Show section allows you to clear the table of recorded MIDI events.