Auto LFO

This effect works like an LFO in a synthesizer, allowing you to send out continuously changing MIDI controller messages. One typical use for this is automatic MIDI panning, but you can select any MIDI continuous controller event type.


Cubase LE

Cubase AI

Cubase Elements

Cubase Artist

Cubase Pro


Included with





Determines the shape of the controller curves that are sent out. You can click a waveform symbol or choose a value from the pop-up menu.


Sets the speed of Auto LFO, or rather the length of a single controller curve cycle. You can set this to rhythmically exact note values or PPQ values if the PPQ button is activated. The lower the note value, the slower the speed.

Controller Type

Determines which continuous controller type is sent out. Typical choices would include pan, volume, and brightness, but your MIDI instrument may have controllers mapped to various settings, allowing you to modulate the synth parameter of your choice. Check the MIDI implementation chart for your instrument for details.


Determines the density of the controller curves that are sent out. The value can be set to small, medium, or large, or to rhythmically exact note values. The higher the note value, the smoother the controller curve.

Value Range

These sliders determine the range of controller values that are sent out, in other words, the bottom and top of the controller curves.