Cubase LE 10

Arpache 5
A typical arpeggiator accepts a chord as input, and plays back each note in the chord separately, with the playback order and speed set by the user.
Arpache SX
This is a versatile and advanced arpeggiator, capable of creating anything from traditional arpeggios to complex, sequencer-like patterns.
Auto LFO
This effect works like an LFO in a synthesizer, allowing you to send out continuously changing MIDI controller messages. One typical use for this is automatic MIDI panning, but you can select any MIDI continuous controller event type.
Beat Designer
Beat Designer is a MIDI pattern sequencer that allows you to create your own drum parts or patterns for a project. With Beat Designer, you can quickly and easily set up the drums for a project, by experimenting and creating new drum sequences from scratch.
Chorder is a MIDI chord processor, allowing you to assign complete chords to single keys in a multitude of variations. These can then be played back live or using recorded notes on a MIDI track.
This MIDI compressor is used for evening out or expanding differences in velocity.
Context Gate
Context Gate allows for selective triggering/filtering of MIDI data.
MIDI Control
This generic control panel allows you to select up to 8 different MIDI controller types and set values for these. You can then use the plug-in as a control panel to adjust the sound of a MIDI instrument from within your host application.
This is an advanced MIDI echo, which generates additional echoing notes based on the MIDI notes it receives. It creates effects similar to a digital delay, but also features MIDI pitch shifting and much more.
MIDI Modifiers
This plug-in is essentially a duplicate of the MIDI Modifiers section in the Inspector. This can be useful, for example, if you need extra Random or Range settings.
MIDI Monitor
This effect monitors incoming MIDI events.
Micro Tuner
Note to CC
This effect allows you to apply quantizing in realtime. This makes it easier to try out different settings when creating grooves and rhythms.
StepDesigner is a MIDI pattern sequencer that sends out MIDI notes and additional controller data according to the defined pattern. It does not make use of the incoming MIDI, other than automation data (such as recorded pattern changes).
Track Control
Transformer is a realtime version of the Logical Editor. With this you can perform very powerful MIDI processing on the fly, without affecting the actual MIDI events on the track.