Project Window

The Project window provides an overview of the project, and allows you to navigate and perform large scale editing.

Each project has one Project window. The Project window is displayed whenever you open or create a new project.

  • To open a project, select File > Open.

  • To create a new project, select File > New Project.

The Project window is divided into several zones:

  1. Left Zone

    The left zone shows the Inspector that features two tabs:

    • The Track tab shows the settings for the track that is selected in the track list.


      In this documentation, we use Inspector to refer to the Track tab of the Inspector.

    • The Editor tab shows the settings for the editor that is open in the lower zone.

  2. Project Zone

    The project zone shows the toolbar, the track list with the tracks, the event display with the parts and events of the project, and the Project window ruler.

    On the toolbar, you can activate/deactivate the status line, the info line, the overview line, and the Transport Bar.

  3. Lower Zone

    The lower zone shows the Chord Pads, the Editor, the MixConsole, and MIDI Remote.

  4. Right Zone

    The right zone shows the Media rack.