New Features

The following list informs you about the most important improvements in Cubase and provides links to the corresponding descriptions.

New Features in Version 12


Sample Accurate Volume Automation
  • The new Volume Automation Precision function allows for volume automation that is 100% sample accurate, regardless of the buffer size. You can set the number of samples after which a new volume automation event is processed. The automation curve between the processed events is interpolated. This smoothens transitions between automation events and prevents sudden jumps which may lead to crackles. See Audio System Page.

Editing Workflow Improvements
  • The new nudge grid options let you edit independently from the project grid. This allows you to work with a musical Bars+Beats grid for all mouse operations while fine-tuning positions and lengths of events and parts using Nudge key commands. See Setting up a Snap Grid for Nudge Operations.

  • You can now move event ends to the project cursor position. See Move Submenu.

  • We have extended key-command-based operations for creating and adjusting range selections. It is now possible to also increase/decrease the vertical direction to span range selections across multiple tracks. This way, you can entirely rely on key command support to adjust and move a range selection in all four directions. See Adjusting the Size of Selection Ranges.

MIDI Remote Integration
  • MIDI controllers are essential to every music production setup and, in Cubase, integrating them has reached a new level. Built around the new concept of MIDI remote scripts, Cubase will automatically detect your device and map the controls. If there is no script for your device yet, you can easily create your own with the MIDI Controller Surface Editor. You can then conveniently connect controls and parameters with the Mapping Assistant. See MIDI Remote.

New Performance Meter

More New Features

  • The new Markers window gives you a better overview of the markers used in your project and facilitates editing. See Markers Window.

Sample Editor Editing Improvements
  • The Sample Editor toolbar now comes with several improvements for displaying, zooming, and editing clips and events. See Sample Editor Toolbar.

Last but Not Least

WinRT MIDI Support
  • Cubase now supports the Windows Runtime MIDI API, WinRT MIDI, that allows for native support of bluetooth MIDI in Windows, better plug and play, and better handling of multiple identical devices. See MIDI Port Setup Page.

Move the Project Cursor in Fixed Steps via Key Commands
  • You can now assign additional key commands that allow you to move the project cursor in fixed steps of 5 s, 10 s, and 20 s, forward or backward. See Setting the Project Cursor.

Improved Silence Detection
  • The new audition function allows you to directly preview any position in the analyzed audio event. Furthermore, you can apply fade ins and fade outs to the resulting audio events. See Detect Silence Dialog.

Event Display Improvements
New Application Scaling Menu for Native Windows Scaling for HiDPI
  • You can now scale the Cubase user interface relative to the Windows system scaling setting. See General.