VST Instrument Control Panel

The VST instrument control panel allows you to set up the parameters of the selected instrument. The contents, design, and layout of the control panel depend on the selected instrument.

The following controls are available:

  1. Activate Instrument

    Activates/Deactivates the instrument.

  2. Read Automation/Write Automation

    Allows you to read/write automation for the instrument parameter settings.

  3. Switch between A/B Settings

    Switches to setting B when setting A is active, and to setting A when setting B is active.

  4. Apply current settings to A and B

    Copies the instrument parameters of instrument setting A to instrument setting B, and vice versa.

  5. Event Received Indicator

    Lights up on receiving note-on and controller messages.

  6. Preset browser

    Opens the preset browser where you can select another preset.

  7. Load previous Program/Load next Program

    Loads the previous/next program in the preset browser.

  8. Preset Management

    Opens a pop-up menu that allows you to save, rename, or remove a preset.

  9. Add VST Plug-in Picture to Media Rack

    Adds a picture of the VST plug-in to the Media rack. This is only available for plug-ins of other vendors.

  10. VST Instrument context menu

    Opens a context menu with specific functions and settings.