How the ReWire channels are handled

When you activate ReWire channels in the ReWire device panels, they will become available as channels in the MixConsole.

The ReWire channels have the following properties:

  • ReWire channels may be any combination of mono and stereo, depending on the synthesizer application.

  • ReWire channels have the same functionality as regular audio channels.

    This means you can set volume and pan, add EQ, insert effects and sends, and route the channel outputs to groups or busses. However, ReWire channels have no monitor buttons.

  • All channel settings can be automated using the Read/Write buttons.

    When you write automation, channel automation tracks will automatically appear in the Project window. This allows you to view and edit the automation graphically, just as with VST instrument channels, etc.

  • You can mix down the audio from ReWire channels to a file on your hard disk with the Export Audio Mixdown function.