Remote Control Editor (Cubase Elements only)

The Remote Control Editor allows you to define your own mapping of VST plug-in parameters to the controls of the supported hardware controllers. This is useful if you think that the automatic mapping of plug-in parameters to remote control devices is not too intuitive.

  • To open the Remote Control Editor, right-click the plug-in panel of the plug-in that you want to remote-control, and select Remote Control Editor.

  1. Inspector

    Contains the settings and the parameter assignment for the selected cell. The upper section contains settings for the text label. The lower section contains settings for the knob and the switches.

  2. Layout Selection

    Shows the name of the layout. Click to select a different layout.

  3. Set up Cell Layout

    Opens the Cell Layout Configuration, where you can specify the number of cells per page, and select the switch layout that you want to use for the pages. To specify the number of switches for a cell, activate/deactivate them.

  4. Add New Hardware Layout

    Adds a new layout for a particular hardware type. To remove a hardware layout, click its Close button.

  5. Layout section

    Shows layouts that represent the hardware devices that are used to remote-control the plug-in parameters. Here you can change the parameter assignments, the name in the text label, the cell setup, and the order of cells and pages.

  6. Toolbar

    Shows tools for setting up the layout.

  7. Status Bar

    Shows information on an element when you position the mouse pointer over it in the editor window.