Velocity Dialog

  • To open the Velocity dialog, select a MIDI part, and select MIDI > Functions > Velocity.


Adds the Amount value to the velocity value. You can enter positive or negative values.


Uses the Ratio setting (0 to 300 %) to compress or expand the dynamic range of MIDI notes. A factor higher than 1 (over 100 %) expands the differences between velocity values, while using a factor lower than 1 (under 100 %) compresses them.

  • To compress the dynamic range, use ratio values below 100 %.

    After compression, you can add a velocity amount to maintain the average velocity level.

  • To expand the dynamic range, use ratio values above 100 %.

    Before expansion, you can adjust the velocity to the middle of the range.


Limits the velocity values so that they stay between the Lower and the Upper values.