Tempo Track Editor Toolbar

The toolbar contains tools for selecting, adding, and changing tempo and time signature events.

The following tools are available:

Activate Tempo Track

Activate Tempo Track

Switches the project tempo between fixed tempo mode and tempo track mode.

Left Divider

Left Divider

Tools that are placed to the left of the divider are always shown.



Keeps the project cursor visible during playback.

Select Auto-Scroll Settings

Allows you to activate Page Scroll or Stationary Cursor and to activate Suspend Auto-Scroll When Editing.

Tool Buttons

Object Selection

Selects events.


Draws events.


Deletes events.


Zoom in. Hold Alt and click to zoom out.

New Tempo Type

Type of New Tempo Points

Allows you to select the type of new tempo points. Select Ramp if you want new tempo points to change gradually from the previous curve point to the new one. Select Jump if you want new tempo points to change instantly. Select Automatic if new tempo points should have the same type as the previous curve point.

Current Tempo

Current Tempo

In fixed tempo mode, this allows you to change the current tempo.


Snap On/Off

Restricts horizontal movement and positioning to the positions specified by the Snap Type. Time signature events always snap to the beginning of bars.

Snap Type

Allows you to specify to what positions you want events to snap.

Right Divider

Right Divider

Tools that are placed to the right of the divider are always shown.

Show Info Line

Show/Hide Info

Opens/Closes the info line.

Set up Toolbar

Set up Toolbar

Opens a pop-up menu where you can set up which toolbar elements are visible.