Direct Offline Processing Window

The Direct Offline Processing window allows you to add, modify, or delete audio processing instantly for one or multiple events, clips, or selection ranges in one window. Furthermore, you can undo any audio processing.

To open the Direct Offline Processing window, do one of the following:

  • Select Audio > Direct Offline Processing.

  • Press F7.

  • On the Project window toolbar, click Open Direct Offline Processing Window.

  • Select Audio > Processes, and from the submenu, select a process.


    Processes without adjustable parameter settings, such as Silence, do not open the Direct Offline Processing window when applied from the menu or using a key command.

In the Direct Offline Processing window, the following options and settings are available:


Allows you to add audio processing, to audition the audio with the current edits, and to make global settings for offline processing.


Shows the last added process and allows you to modify its settings or to delete it.