Recording your Actions

If the settings in your current project are crucial, you may not want to experiment with automation until you know more about how it all fits together. If so, you can create a new project for the following example. The project does not have to contain any audio events, just a few audio tracks.


  1. On the Project window toolbar, click W to activate write for all tracks.
  2. Start playback and adjust some volume faders and/or other parameter settings in the MixConsole.

    Stop playback when you are done, and return to the position where you started playback.

  3. Click W to deactivate the write mode and click R to activate read for all tracks.
  4. Start playback, and watch the MixConsole.

    All your actions that were performed during the previous playback are reproduced exactly.

  5. Select Project > Show All Used Automation to view all recorded automation events.
  6. To redo anything that was recorded, click W again and start playback from the same position.

    You can have W and R activated simultaneously, if you want to watch and listen to your recorded MixConsole actions while you are recording fader movements for another channel, etc.