Handling Several Parts

When you open the Audio Part Editor with several parts selected – all on the same track or on different tracks – they might not all fit in the editor window, which can make it hard to get an overview of the different parts when editing.

Therefore, the toolbar features functions to make working with multiple parts easier and more comprehensive:

  • The Currently Edited Part pop-up menu lists all parts that were selected when you opened the editor, and lets you select which part is active for editing.

    When you select a part from the list, it is automatically made active and centered in the display.


    You can also activate a part by clicking on it with the Object Selection tool.

  • Edit Active Part Only lets you restrict editing operations to the active part only.

    If you select Edit > Select > All with this option activated, all events in the active part are selected, but not the events in other parts.

  • You can zoom in on an active part so that it is displayed in its entirety in the window by selecting Edit > Zoom > Zoom to Event.

  • Show Part Borders can be used if you want to see clearly defined borders for the active part.

    If this option is activated, all parts except the active one are grayed out, making the borders easily discernible. There are also two markers in the ruler with the name of the active part, marking its beginning and end. These can be moved freely to change the part borders.

  • It is possible to cycle between parts, making them active using key commands. In the Key Commands dialog, there are two functions in the Edit category: Activate Next Part and Activate Previous Part. If you assign key commands to these, you can use them to cycle between parts.