VST Connections Window

The VST Connections window allows you to set up input and output busses.
  • To open the VST Connections window, select Devices > VST Connections.

Inputs/Outputs Tab

The Input and Output tabs allow you to set up and configure input and output busses.

The following options are available above the bus list:

+- All

Expands/Collapses all busses in the bus list.

Add Bus

Opens the Add Input Bus dialog, where you can create a new bus configuration.


Opens the Presets menu, where you can select bus configuration presets. Store allows you to save a bus configuration as preset. Delete deletes the selected preset.

The following columns are available for the bus list:

Bus Name

Lists the busses. Click the name of a bus to select or rename it.


Indicates the speaker configuration (mono, stereo) of each bus.

Audio Device

Shows the selected ASIO driver.

Device Port

Shows which physical inputs/outputs on your audio hardware are used by the bus. Expand the bus entry to show all speaker channels. If the bus entry is collapsed, only the first port that is used by this bus is visible.

The Device Port pop-up menu displays how many busses are connected to a given port. The busses are shown in square brackets next to the port name.

Up to 3 bus assignments can be displayed in this way. If more connections have been made, this is indicated by a number at the end of the port name.

For example, Adat 1 [Stereo1] [Stereo2] [Stereo3] (+2) means that the Adat 1 port is already assigned to 3 stereo busses plus 2 additional busses.

Click (Outputs tab only)

You can route the metronome click to a specific output bus.