VST Instrument Context Menu

The VST instrument control panel context menu and the Functions menu on the VST instrument control panel display functions and settings that are specific to the instrument.

Do one of the following:

  • Right-click an empty area of the VST instrument control panel.

  • Open the Functions pop-up menu on the VST instrument control panel.

The following functions are available:

Copy <VST instrument name> Setting/Paste <VST instrument name> Setting

Allows you to copy the instrument settings and paste them to another instrument.

Load Preset/Save Preset

Allows you to load/to save a preset.

Default Preset

Allows you to define and save a default preset.

Switch to A Setting/Switch to B Setting

Switches to setting B when setting A is active, and to setting A when setting B is active.

Apply Current Settings to A/Apply Current Settings to B

Copies the instrument parameters of instrument setting A to instrument setting B, and vice versa.

Activate Outputs

Allows you to activate one or more outputs for the instrument.

Activate/Deactivate Side-Chaining

Activates/Deactivates side-chaining for the instrument.


This option is only available for VST 3 instruments that support side-chaining.

Remote Control Editor

Opens the Remote Control Editor.

Switch to Generic Editor

Opens the generic editor for the instrument.

Allow Window to be Resized

Allows for dynamic resizing of third-party plug-in windows in Cubase. This is useful if you activated Enable HiDPI (Windows only) in the Preferences dialog (General page) and your plug-in does not support dpi settings.


Allow Window to be Resized is a plug-in-specific setting. Activate/deactivate it for every plug-in that requires it.