Add Track Dialog – Folder

The Folder page of the Add Track dialog allows you to set up and add folder tracks.

To open the Folder page of the Add Track dialog, do one of the following:

  • Click Add Track in the global track control area of the track list, and click Folder.

    This opens the global Add Track dialog on the Folder page.

  • Select Project > Add Track > Folder.

    This opens the Folder page of the Add Track dialog.

The following settings are available:


Allows you to specify a track name.


Allows you to enter the number of tracks that you want to add.

Keep Dialog Open

Activate this to keep the dialog open after clicking Add Track. This allows you to click the page of another track type to set up and add more tracks.


This is only available if you open the Add Track dialog from the global track controls.

Add Track

Adds one or more tracks, according to the track type and the settings of the active page, and closes the dialog.