Back up Project Options Dialog

The Back up Project Options dialog allows you to create a backup copy of your project.

  • To open the Back up Project Options dialog, select File > Back up Project.

Project Name

Allows you to change the name of the backed up project.

Keep Current Project Active

Allows you to keep the current project active after clicking OK.

Minimize Audio Files

Allows you to include only the audio file portions that are actually used in the project. This can significantly reduce the size of the project folder if you are using small sections of large files. It also means that you cannot use other parts of the audio files if you continue working with the project in its new folder.

Make Direct Offline Processing Permanent

Allows you to flatten all edits and to apply all processing and effects permanently to each clip in the Pool.

Remove Unused Files

Allows you to remove unused files and to back up only the files that are actually used.

Do Not Back up Video

Allows you to exclude video clips from the video track or from the Pool of the current project.

Do Not Back up Mixdown Folder

Allows you to exclude the Mixdown folder of your project from the backup.