Setting up a Snap Grid for Nudge Operations

You can set up an independent snap grid just for nudge operations. This way, you can perform all editing with the mouse using a musical (tempo-related) grid that is set to Bars+Beats while all nudge operations and corresponding key commands are based on a linear (time-related) grid.


The primary time format on the Transport panel is set to Bars+Beats. Your project contains some parts or events that you want to move to a time-related position.


  1. Right-click the Project window toolbar and activate Nudge.

    The Nudge Settings become available on the toolbar.

    Nudge Settings
  2. Open the Nudge Settings pop-up menu to select a time-related format for your nudge operations.
    Nudge Settings pop-up menu

    The settings Link to Grid and Link to Primary Time Format are deactivated.

  3. Optional: Select Project > Add Track > Ruler to add a ruler track. In the track list for the ruler track, select the same display format as for your nudge operations.

    This is not necessary, but it helps you to get visual control over your nudge operations.

  4. On the Project window toolbar, click the points to the right of the Nudge Settings section.

    The Nudge buttons become available.

    Nudge buttons
  5. In the event display, select the events or parts that you want to move, and do one of the following:
    • To nudge the events to the left, click Move Left or use the corresponding key command Ctrl/Cmd-Left Arrow.

    • To nudge the events to the right, click Move Right or use the corresponding key command Ctrl/Cmd-Right Arrow.


The selected events or parts that you nudged are moved. They snap to the linear grid that you set in the Nudge Settings pop-up menu. If you now move some events or parts using the mouse, these will snap to the musical grid that you set with the primary time format.