Score Display

The main area of the Score Editor window shows the notes in the edited parts on one or several staves. Parts on different tracks are shown on different staves.

  • If you are editing one or several parts on the same track, as much of them as possible is shown on several staves, comparable with a score on paper.

  • If you are editing parts on several tracks, they are put on a grand staff. A grand staff is composed of multiple staves that are tied together by barlines.

  • The number of bars that are displayed on the screen depends on the size of the window and the number of notes in each bar.

  • The end of the last part is indicated by a double barline.

All MIDI input is directed to one of the tracks, which is called the active staff. The active staff is indicated by a rectangle to the left of the clef symbol.

  • To change the active staff, click on the staff that you want to activate.