Channel and Output Settings

You can set separate MIDI channels and/or MIDI outputs for each sound in a drum map. When a drum map is selected for a track, the MIDI channel settings in the drum map override the MIDI channel setting for the track.

You can select different channels and/or outputs for different sounds. This allows you to construct drum kits with sounds from several different MIDI devices, etc.

  • To make a drum sound use the channel of the track, set the channel in the drum map to Any.

  • To make the sound use the MIDI output that is selected for the track, set the MIDI output for a sound in a drum map to Default.

  • To send the sound to a specific MIDI output, select any other option.

  • To select the same MIDI channel or MIDI device for all sounds in a drum map, click in the Channel column, press Ctrl/Cmd, and select a channel or output.

  • If you make specific MIDI channel and output settings for all sounds in a drum map, you can switch between drum maps to send your drum tracks to another MIDI instrument.