Inspector Settings for Voicings

To set up voicings for the entire chord track, you can use the chord track Inspector.

Voicing library

Allows you to select Guitar, Piano, or Basic as a voicing library.

Voicing library subset

This is only available if Guitar or Piano is set as voicing library.

Allows you to select a preset voicing library subset.

Set up Voicing

Opens the Custom Voicing panel that allows you to configure your own voicing parameters for a specific voicing scheme.

Adaptive Voicings

Activate this to let Cubase set the voicings automatically. This prevents the individual voices from jumping too much.

Automatic Scales

Activate this to let Cubase set the scales automatically.

Shift Chords

If you enter a negative number of ticks, the chord events will affect the MIDI notes that have been triggered too early.