Chord Editor

The Chord Editor allows you to define or change chord events, and to add new chord events.

  • To open the Chord Editor, double-click a chord event.

Go to Previous Chord/Go to Next Chord

Allow you to select the previous/next chord on the chord track for editing.

Add Chord

Adds a new undefined chord event on the chord track.


This works only if the last chord event on the chord track is selected.

Chord definition buttons

Activate these buttons to define a root note, a chord type, a tension, and a bass note for your chord event.


If you do not select a separate bass note, the setting is linked to the root note, so that no extra bass note is heard.

Keyboard display

Shows the notes of the chord event, considering the current voicing settings.

Activate MIDI Input

Allows you to define a chord by playing a chord on your MIDI keyboard. If the chord is recognized, it is reflected by the chord buttons and the keyboard display.

Define Chord by Text Input

Allows you to define a chord using the computer keyboard.