Defining Chords by Text Input

In the chord Editor, you can use the text input field to define a chord with the computer keyboard.


  1. Double-click a chord event to open the chord Editor.
  2. Click in the text input field at the bottom of the Editor.
  3. Enter a chord by performing the following actions:
    • Define a root note, for example, C, D, E.

    • Define accidentals, for example, # or b.

    • Define the chord type, for example maj, min, dim, sus, or aug.

    • Define a chord extension, for example, 7, 9, or 13.


    If you have activated Solfège in the Note Name pop-up menu in the Preferences dialog (Event Display—Chords&Pitches page), you can also enter chords in this format. You must capitalize the first letter and write “Re” instead of “re”, for example. Otherwise, the chord is not recognized.

  4. Press Tab to add a new undefined chord and define it.