Auditioning Chord Events

To hear the chord events on the chord track, you must connect the chord track to the output of an instrument or a MIDI track.


You have added a chord track and chord events.


  1. In the global track controls area of the track list, click Add Track .
  2. Click Instrument.
  3. Open the Instrument pop-up menu and select a VST instrument.
  4. Click Add Track.

    The instrument track is added to the track list, and the control panel of the selected VST instrument is opened.

  5. Select a sound.
  6. In the chord track Inspector, activate Acoustic Feedback.
  7. In the track list, open the Select Track for Auditioning pop-up menu, and select the track that you want to use for auditioning.


The chord events on the chord track now trigger the sound of the assigned instrument on the MIDI or instrument track.