Automating Pattern Changes

You can create up to 200 different patterns in each StepDesigner instance.

Typically, you want the pattern selection to change during the project. You can accomplish this by automating the pattern selector, either in realtime by activating Write automation and switching patterns during playback or by drawing on the automation track for the MIDI track.

Note that you can also press a key on your MIDI keyboard to change patterns. For this, you have to set up StepDesigner as an insert effect for a record enabled MIDI track. Press C1 to select pattern 1, C#1 to select pattern 2, D1 to select pattern 3, D#1 to select pattern 4 and so on. You can record these pattern changes as note events on a MIDI track.


  1. Select a MIDI track or create a new one and activate StepDesigner as an insert effect.
  2. Set up several patterns.
  3. Activate the Record button and press keys on your keyboard to select the corresponding patterns.

    The pattern changes are recorded on the MIDI track.

  4. Stop recording and play back the MIDI track.


You now hear the recorded pattern changes.


You can only automate the first 92 patterns.