If you are into lo-fi sound, BitCrusher is the effect for you. It offers the possibility of decimating and truncating the input audio signal by bit reduction, to get a noisy, distorted sound. For example, you can make a 24-bit audio signal sound like an 8 or 4-bit signal, or even render it completely garbled and unrecognizable.


Allows you to select one of the four operating modes. In each mode, the effect sounds differently. Modes I and III are nastier and noisier, while modes II and IV are more subtle.


Sets the level balance between the dry signal and the wet signal.

Sample Divider

Sets the amount by which the audio samples are decimated. At the highest setting, nearly all of the information describing the original audio signal is eliminated, turning the signal into unrecognizable noise.

Depth (0 to 24 bits)

Defines the bit resolution. A setting of 24 gives the highest audio quality, while a setting of 1 creates mostly noise.


Sets the output level.