Adding Flams


  1. Click in the lower left corner of the step you want to add a flam to.

    Little squares appear in the step when you point the mouse at it. If you click a step, the first square is filled to indicate that you added a flam.

  2. Click again to add the second and third flam.
  3. In the lower left section of the Beat Designer panel, make settings for the flams that you created.
    • To add the flams before or after the drum step, drag a position slider to the left or right.

      If you add flams before the first drum step in a pattern, this is indicated in the display by a small arrow in the top left corner of this step. Starting playback at the normal pattern start would result in these flams not being played.

    • To set the velocity for the flams, use the vertical sliders to the right of the flam sliders.

  4. Start playback to hear the flams you created.