Studio Setup Dialog

The Studio Setup dialog allows you to set up your connected audio, MIDI, and remote control devices.

  • To open the Studio Setup dialog, select Studio > Studio Setup.

The following options are available in the Devices section to the left:

Add Device

Allows you to manually add devices such as a Note Expression Input Device, an additional Time Display device, or specific remote control devices.


Allows you to remove manually added devices.

Reset All Devices

Resets all devices in the devices list.

Devices list

Select a device in the Devices list to show its settings in the right section.

The following options are available at the bottom of the page for each device:


Sends a reset signal to the active ASIO device and restarts the audio processing. This can solve problems with audio playback.


This leads to a short interruption of the playback.


Applies your settings on this page.