Extracting Chord Events from MIDI

You can extract chords from MIDI notes, parts, or tracks. This is useful if you have a MIDI file and want to show its harmonic structure, and use this file as starting point for further experimenting.


Add the chord track and create MIDI notes that can be interpreted as chords. Drums, monophonic bass, or lead tracks are not suitable.


  1. In the Project window, select a part or one or several MIDI tracks.

    You can also select the MIDI tracks, parts, or notes that you want to extract in the Key Editor, Score Editor, or In-Place Editor.

  2. Select Project > Chord Track > Create Chord Symbols.
  3. Make your settings and click OK.


The chord events are added on the chord track.


Cubase Pro only: You can now open the Chord Assistant to create variations.