Organizing Tracks in Folder Tracks

You can organize your tracks in folders by moving tracks into folder tracks. This allows you to perform editing on several tracks as one entity. Folder tracks can contain any type of track including other folder tracks.

  • To add a folder track, click Add Track in the global track controls area of the track list, and click Folder.

  • To add a folder track and move all selected tracks into it, open the Project menu and from the Track Folding submenu select Move Selected Tracks to New Folder.

  • To move tracks into a folder, select them and drag them into the folder track.

  • To remove tracks from a folder, select them and drag them out of the folder.

  • To hide/show tracks in a folder, click the Expand/Collapse Folder button of the folder track.

  • To hide/show data on a folder track, open the context menu for the folder track and select an option from the Show Data on Folder Tracks submenu.

  • To mute/solo all tracks in a folder track, click the Mute or Solo button for the folder track.


Hidden tracks are played back as usual.