Monitoring via Cubase

If you use monitoring via Cubase, the input signal is mixed with the audio playback. This requires an audio hardware configuration with a low latency value.


  1. In the track list, activate Monitor.
  2. In the MixConsole, adjust the monitoring level and the panning.

    You can add effects and EQ to the monitor signal using the track’s channel. If you are using plug-in effects with large inherent delays, the automatic delay compensation function in Cubase will increase the latency. If this is a problem, you can use the Constrain Delay Compensation function while recording.

  3. In the Preferences dialog, select VST.
  4. Open the Auto Monitoring pop-up menu and select a monitoring mode.


The monitored signal will be delayed according to the latency value which depends on your audio hardware and drivers. You can check the latency of your hardware in the Studio Setup dialog (VST Audio System page).