Quantize Functions

The quantize functions are available in the Edit menu and in the Snap and Quantize sections of the Project window toolbar.

Quantize Functions on the Edit Menu


Quantizes audio or MIDI event starts.

Reset Quantize

Reverts your audio or MIDI to its original, unquantized state, and resets any length changes that you performed in the Quantize Panel.

Quantize Panel

Opens the Quantize Panel.

Advanced Quantize

From this submenu, you can select the following functions:

  • Quantize MIDI Event Lengths

    Cuts off the ends of selected MIDI events so that the events match the length quantize value. The start positions are kept.

  • Quantize MIDI Event Ends

    Moves the ends of MIDI events to the nearest grid positions.

  • Freeze MIDI Quantize

    Makes the start and end positions of MIDI events permanent. This function is useful in situations where you want to quantize a second time, based on the current quantized positions rather than the original positions.

  • Create Groove Quantize Preset

    Creates a groove quantize map based on hitpoints that you have created in the Sample Editor.

Quantize Functions on the Project Window Toolbar

Iterative Quantize On/Off

Activates/Deactivates iterative quantize.

AudioWarp Quantize On/Off

Activates/Deactivates AudioWarp quantize.

Quantize Presets

Allows you to select a quantize preset.

Apply Quantize

Applies the quantize settings.

Open Quantize Panel

Opens the Quantize Panel.