Starting Overdub Recording at Specific Controller Values

When you record note expression data by overdubbing, you can activate a Latch Buffer. This is useful if you want to start recording at predefined initial knob or fader settings.

When Cubase receives controller data from an external MIDI device, the setting of the faders and knobs on the device is automatically written to the Latch Buffer. This data is then added to the notes during playback.


  1. Map each control to one of the available VST note expressions.
  2. Activate Latch Buffer and set the knobs and faders on the MIDI controller to the corresponding values.
  3. Activate Overdub.
  4. Use the mapped controls on your MIDI device to record note expression data for the note that is playing.


The values for all controls are attached to the notes that are passed during overdub recording, and replace any existing controller data of the same type.

After Completing This Task

Remove all values from the Latch Buffer by clicking Reset Latch Buffer.


When you record in a cycle, the Latch Buffer is automatically reset at the end of the cycle.