Value 1 and Value 2

MIDI events can be composed of value 1 and value 2.

Value 1 and value 2 have different meanings for different event types:

Event type

Value 1

Value 2


The Note Number/Pitch.

The velocity of the note.

Poly Pressure

The key that was pressed.

The amount of pressure for the key.


The type of Controller, displayed as a number.

The amount of Control Change.

Program Change

The Program Change number.

Not used.


The amount of pressure.

Not used.


The “fine-tune” of the bend. Not always used.

The coarse amount of bend.

VST 3 Event

Not used.

The value of the VST 3 Event parameter. The value range of the VST 3 event (0.0 to 1.0) is transformed into the MIDI value range (0-127), that is, the VST 3 event value 0.5 corresponds to 64. For some operations that require a higher resolution, you can make use of the “VST 3 Value Operation” parameter.


System Exclusive events do not use value 1 and 2.