Player Setup

The Player Setup allows you to select a player and a voicing setting that is typical for that kind of player, and determine if the notes of a chord are played as plain chords, as a pattern, or as sections.
  • To open the Player Setup, click Show/Hide Player Setup.

In the Select Player section, the following options are available:

List of Added Players

Shows the added players, and allows you to activate a player and use its voicing style and play mode for the chord pads.

Player Options

Allows you to add a player and to rename or remove the current player.

In the Selected Player Settings section, the following options are available:

Chord Voicing Style

Allows you to select a chord voicing style for the selected player. This determines how chords are played back, and what pitches are used.

Player Modes
  • Plain Chords triggers all notes of a chord simultaneously.

  • Pattern plays an arpeggio that is based on the notes of the pattern.

  • Sections controls the playback of single notes or groups of notes of a chord.