Statistics Window

The Statistics function analyzes the selected audio events, clips, or selection ranges.

  • To open the Statistics window for a selected audio event, clip, or selection range, select Audio > Statistics.

The Statistics window shows the following information:


Shows the name of the analyzed channel.

Min. Sample Value

Shows the lowest sample value in dB.

Max. Sample Value

Shows the highest sample value in dB.

Peak Amplitude

Shows the largest amplitude in dB.

True Peak

Shows the maximum absolute level of the audio signal waveform in the continuous time domain.

DC Offset

Shows the amount of DC offset as a percentage and in dB.

Bit Depth

Shows the current calculated bit depth.

Estimated Pitch

Shows the estimated pitch.

Sample Rate

Shows the sample rate.

Average RMS (AES17)

Shows the average loudness in accordance with the AES17 standard.

Max. RMS

Shows the highest RMS value.

Max. RMS All Channels

Shows the highest RMS value of all channels.