Saving and Exporting Programs

The MediaBay is Steinberg's database to manage your content, quickly find files that you are looking for, specify attributes for your files, and much more.

With the MediaBay tab in the save and export dialogs, programs are written into a Backbone-specific user documents folder. This folder is scanned for content by the database. All samples that are used in your programs remain in the location from where they were added.

There can be situations where you will want to save your programs to a different location on the file system, for example, if you are cooperating with multiple users on a sound design project, where everybody works on the same source samples and saves programs to the same shared location. In this case, you can save your program via the File System tab. This way, you can make sure that the relation between the presets and the referenced samples remains the same for all participants.

With the functions Export with Samples and Batch Export with Samples, you can consolidate your VST 3 preset and sample files in a specific folder. This allows you to archive your files or to transfer them onto another system. The relative file paths allow the files to be loaded on another system. Note, however, that the folder structure that is created during export must not be modified afterwards.