Load Panel

The Load panel allows you to manage, navigate to, load, and preview different file types.

To display the Load panel, click Show/Hide Load Panel on the toolbar.

To open the Load panel in a separate window, click Dock/Undock Load Panel in the top right of the panel.

The Load panel contains the Programs, Layers, and Browser tabs.

  • The Programs tab contains the available programs that you can load.

  • The Layers tab allows you to load individual layers into the slots.

  • The Browser tab allows you to browse your file system for samples and for presets that you exported or that you saved to a directory that is not automatically scanned by Backbone.


If you load a preset that references content from a license-protected library and you do not have the corresponding license or have deactivated it, the content cannot be played and a warning icon is displayed in front of the preset name.